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This website is dedicated to disseminating the results of the research project financed from the National Science Centre of Poland grant Sonata 18 (DEC-2022/47/D/HS3/00132) entitled 'The Role of Postcolonial Concepts in Defining the Polish State and Its Relations with Africa during the Twentieth Century’. It also features information about related endeavours, such as the international conference 'The Postcolonial Perspective in the Study of Polish History: Benefits, Challenges, Potential’ financed by the University of the National Education Commission via IDUB-05 Excellent Impact.


Photo description: Lieutenant Wiesław Bulkowski (or Bułkowski), Mortar Platoon of the 1st Battalion, the Gambia Regiment (6st West African Infantry Brigade, 81st West African Division) instructing a native soldier on the use of a mortar during the Third Arakan Campaign, January 1945. He was a Polish cavalry officer seconded to the Royal West African Frontier Force. Copyright: Imperial War Museum.